Dr. Nick Sudano has helped thousands of people live longer, healthier and more abundant lives for over 20 years. His Revolutionary health model of cutting edge spinal correction, customized nutrition, state of the art fitness and true cellular detox, is the “Next Generation” in total family health. Dr. Sudano’s primary focus is to educate his patients and their families. He also educates on healing which his comprehensive approach to wellness. Dr. Sudano presents wellness seminars for his patients, organizations, and his community. He also has an extensive community outreach program and participates in wellness conferences and local health-related events. Dr. Sudano is available to companies about building a healthier, more productive workforce and decreasing overall health insurance costs.

In addition to the benefits of Chiropractic care, topics also include:

- Nutrition
- Exercise
- Detoxification
- Stress Reduction
- Weight Loss

In 2004, Dr. Sudano was selected for the Guide to America’s Top Chiropractors, by the Consumers Research Council of America. He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College and a certified Gonstead practitioner, one of the most advanced and scientific methods of biomechanical analysis. Dr. Sudano and his wife Katy live in the Milton community with their five children, Andre, Alexandria, Vittoria, Nicole and Ariana. It has always been a life long dream of Dr. Sudano’s to create a community wellness and resource center where people can come and learn how to improve their health, body, mind and spirit.



Katy Sudano is the wife of Dr. Sudano and Vice President of NJS Enterprises, Inc. Other than being a follower of Christ, her greatest love and achievement is being the mother of 5 amazing, healthy, beautiful and vibrant kids. An advocate for preventing child sexual abuse, she volunteers her time at VOICE Today as their Spanish spokesperson and facilitator of workshops.

She is currently writing her first book about faith, love and finding your happiness through adversity. She is a model, actor and is on the Local Advisory Council (LSAC) for Fulton County Schools. She speaks 4 languages and is passionate about helping people!